Classes at Volga Dance Academy

Classes at Volga Dance Academy



The Volga Dance Academy offers various programs of Ballroom Dancing classes. Whether you want to dance as a hobby or take a more competitive route, the perfect option is waiting here for you. Classes are available for absolutely all ages! Come take a free try-out class and find the best selection for your dancing journey. Get your child enrolled today and introduce them into a glamorous world filled with sport and artistry like no other.


The Volga Center offers much more than just Ballroom Dancing. We offer programs for all ages, for children, teens, adults, and seniors alike. Whether it be yoga, fitness, boxing, ballet, music, or learning the Russian language, you will be amazed at the wonders of growth attainable at our center. Not only will you expand the horizons of education, but also have a fantastic time doing so. We recommend that children get engaged in as many activities as they can so they have the chance to touch bases on all various kinds of physical and mental exercise. Not only will they meet new friends while doing so, but they will also learn new talents and skills not available at just any dance studio.

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